Cooking Italin makes you happy!


Let’s share the Italian best receipt for a daily, easy and amazing Italian cooking.

Cooking makes happy: on this blog I will share pics and recipes for a daily, easy and successful Italian cooking.

This blog is about how to cook daily and easily Italian food to share experience pics, recipes, happiness and fun.

Being a working mother with a passion for cooking and family is a challenge: so in the years I adapted a number of different Italian receipts to my short cooking time.

The result is my personal interpretation of the Italian cuisine, easy, healthy, appetizing and appreciated by my family and my friends. You will find here my receipts, and hope you may enjoy them as we all do.

The recipes I’m posting are for all the Italian food lovers. Are for any one who wants to cook true Italian dishes easily and successfully, with natural and fresh ingredients, for a tasty and healthy cooking.

A  massive thank you to my lovely family: to my son Francesco who set up this blog for me trusting my cooking, and with him to my husband and my son Filippo who  encourage and constantly advise me, test my recipes and  and support my passion for cooking.