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Dove cake for Easter: the Italian Colomba Pasquale

The Dove cake is the traditional Easter cake, in Italy during that holiday you CANNOT miss it. It is the symbol of peace and love, and it is common to have it at… Continue reading

Special Easter recipes for you and family from Easy Italian Cuisine

So Easter is coming: time for peace, love, and good food! Easy Italian Cuisine collected the best Easter recipes for a yummy traditional Italian Easter meal Find all our best Easter recipes HERE and enjoy,… Continue reading

Mascarpone cheese cream Italian way

This is a very typical easy Italian cream: mascarpone cheese cream. It is a multi-purpose sweet and easy solution for a special dessert: you can use it as a complementary cream for cakes,… Continue reading

Italian ricotta cheesecake recipe with Mascarpone

The lightness of the ricotta and the creaminess of the mascarpone melted together in this real Italian ricotta cheesecake recipe! This recipe has been written by my sister in law and it is… Continue reading

Cake Pears, Walnuts, Ricotta and Ginger

This delicious cake is sweet and flirty, soft for the pears and crisp for the walnuts: a real treat! Here is what you need: 350 grams (4 cups) ricotta cheese, 4 ripe pears, 10… Continue reading

Chocolate & Clementine Cookies by Dimple, hosted Chef

Originally posted on Shivaay Delights:
Thinking back about six years, I would say that chocolate chip cookies were one of the first sweet treats that stirred my passion for baking. I would make…

Strawberry tiramisu recipe – the healthiest Italian tiramisu

Tiramisu is an amazing Italian dessert, probably the most known over the world. Strawberry tiramisu recipe is a particular version that I developed over time. It is fragrant and delicious as the traditional… Continue reading

Tiramisù with Strawberries

This version of tiramisu is fragrant and delicious, really nice and perfect for the kids. My eldest son just came back a few days from NY where he is attending an MBA, so… Continue reading

Chocolate Snowballs by Dimple, hosted Chef

Originally posted on Shivaay Delights:
I have never been so inspired as I am now, from all of you my fellow friends.  I am learning so much from everyone and am becoming open…

Fruit Salad on Daisy Cake with Balsamic Vinegar: a sweet healthy tasty dessert

Spring is coming soon, and I look for the fresh fruits it carries on our table. And yes I love fruits, and I love desserts and cakes. So here a nice recipe that… Continue reading