Yesterday the nice and brilliant Alice author of the blog ALIFEMOMENT  nominated my blog for the very amazing award “Beautiful Blogger”. Thanks Alice, is an honor for me! I think ALIFEMOMENT is a very inspiring blog, please check it and follow! And I truly appreciated her comment on my little blog, I wish to report it:

Easy Italian Cuisine is a blog focusing about real authentic Italian recipes described in a perfect and simple manner. I find that it is really hard to manage reproducing the proper Italian cuisine, this post does it  really well and it is always  accompanied by nice photos.

The rules of the award states that I have to pick  7 blogs and write a short description about their work. Now, here are my nominations for this award.

You will see are all blog about cooking, which is my passion. All these blog are inspiring me and showing how many wonderful people is there around the world!

1) Dimple is wonderful lady, who discovered my blog at the very beginning, and is for me a daily source of inspiration: She is open, brilliant and optimist, and her blog and her recipes reflect her way of lice. Visiting her blog is a lovely moment in my day.

2) Jessica, what to say? Jessica, through her blog inspires others to have as much fun as she does in the kitchen.

3)  on her blog  you will find all types of recipes, some of her own, others from people who have inspired her, some from her family Italian tradition.

4)  Connie@foodessen a little German American corner where to find a multi-cultural creations and also German and American recipes from other sources.

5) Vegas Hungry Girl @ wandrfood about/ Here what she states: food is fun, it can make people remember what it was like to be young, transport someone to a far off land and bring the ones you love together.

6) Put On Your Cake Pants @ putonyourcakepantsyou’ll find here are semi-vegetarian recipes (so no beef, pork, or lamb), as well as a number of completely vegetarian and vegan ones. 

7) Joanna@foodgurly  check this because Gluten-Free Doesn’t Mean Taste-Free. A Gluten-Free Life Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. It Can Be Easy And Delicious!

Thank you again to the Alice for the nomination and congratulation to all my nominations, they are all amazing bloggers and do a wonderful work that makes my blogger life better!