Italian cooking makes you happy

Cooking makes you happy: here you can find several easy Italian recipes and pics for a daily successful Italian cooking.

This blog is about how to cook Italian food, we do that sharing experience, pics, recipes, happiness and fun.

Being a working mother with a passion for cooking and a family is a challenge: so over the years I adapted many different Italian recipes to my limited cooking time.

The result is my personal interpretation of the Italian cuisine: easy, healthy, yummy and appreciated by my family and my friends. You will find here my recipes, and I hope you may enjoy them as we they do.

The recipes I’m posting are for every Italian food lover. They are for anyone who wants to cook true Italian dishes, with natural and fresh ingredients, for a tasty and healthy lifestyle.

My cooking style is focused on revising traditional Italian dishes: pasta, risotto, bruschetta, spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, …

Do you want to see some examples?

Easy italian recipes pasta pizza spaghetti and meatballs risotto bruschettaEasy italian recipes pasta pizza spaghetti and meatballs risotto bruschetta