Beef Fillet in Crust

Finally Beef Fillet ic crust

Finally Beef Fillet ic crust


Puff Pastry, 1 KG beef Fillet, 3 Hg smoked ham, 200 gr patè de fois gras (or similar), well chopped sage and resemary, 1 egg, oil, salt


Prepare the Pastry or buy it already done

Brown well the Beef Fillet in boiling oil on each side and let it apart for at least 2 hour

Roll out the pastry.

Well dry the fillet, cover it all with a layer of patè, then sprinkle with the chopped sage and rosemary, wrap in sliced ham, wrap in the puff pastry and finally close it sealing on each side.

Decorate the crust as you like and then brush with a beaten egg.

Cook in the oven to 180° degrees until the pastry appears well cooked and a little brown.

Wait few minutes and serve. Enjoy it!