Tiramisu – The original Italian recipe

Today has been very busy, so I need something sweet: that’s way I wish to share again one of my favourite and most famous Italian dessert , the creamy, tasty, wonderful Tiramisù. For a bite of sweet for any of us.

Easy Italian Cuisine

Last Saturday we have been invited to dinner with friends , and everyone had to bring something . I get the cake , so I decided to make tiramisu, really like that at all.

The original recipe does not include neither cream nor spirits. The literal translation of tiramisu is “pick me up” and means “make me happy”.


For a rich tiramisu it takes 6 fresh whole eggs , 500 grams of mascarpone cheese , 120 grams of sugar , 300 grams of biscuits savoiardi or ladyfingers , good coffee for dunking cookies . 20 grams of cocoa , a pinch of salt.


First, divide the egg whites from egg yolks , then whisk hard the whites , adding a pinch of salt.

Now whip the egg yolks with the sugar, and when they are clear and soft , add the mascarpone cheese.

Finally, built- whites, with slow and regular…

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