The Dragon’s Loyalty Award!


Some days ago Johanna from Foodgurly   has given me the Dragon’s Loyalty Award!  The meaning behind this lovely blogger award is this… It is to be given  those who visit your blog often, like your posts, and leave comments. Obviously, I am super honored that Johanna would give me this award! I do love to visit her blog and like what she’s doing and obviously leave her comments! I have a few people who do this for me, as well.  I’ll be getting to them in a moment.  As per the rules of this award, I shall be sharing some facts about myself…

    1. I’m a working happy mother and wife
    2. I try to balance multiple loves in one, and this is not so easy!
    3. I love cooking for my family and my friends
    4. I’m creative in my cooking, and my husband, after more than 29 years of marriage, is used to say that he never eats the same dish
    5. My favorite color is yellow, like the sun!
    6. I love skiing and relaxing in mountain!                                                          IMG_20120310_134557
    7. I also love swimming and relaxing at the sea                                                 importazione macchina fotografica ottobre 2012 110
    8. So: I love holidays and sports!
    9. I love and look or  harmony in my life

To the following bloggers, thank you for stopping by so often,  for your encouragement.  You are a blessing! This award is to say “Thank you” for your loyalty!

Thanks to all this fantastic people, having them in my life makes me feeling lucky.