Rice and peas an Apulian recipe

This simple dish is tasty and refreshing,  and very loved by my family

The recipe is traditional in Puglia, southern Italy, and I was taught by my father in law.


You will need: 300 grams of rice, 300 grams of peas (even frozen ones are fine) 1 peeled and sliced  garlic clove, 6 tablespoons of olive oil, and salt. If you like, you can add at the end a bit of chopped parsley.


First place in a pot with cold peas, a clove of minced garlic, salt to taste, and cover with accqua the limit of peas as you may see in the pic. The water should be little, if you can add a little ‘cooking durations, because the peas will wither until the water is almost completely absorbed, and will not get drained, to keep all the taste (overalls and vitamins) in final dish. Cook for 30/40 minutes on low heat until the peas get soft and a light sauce.

Meanwhile, cook the rice very well salting to taste. After cooking the rice must also turned out soft and slightly creamy. Again, put a little water and le the rice to absorb it while cooking.
At this point you should not need to drain the rice and you can mix it with peas, stirring well, and adding a sprig of parsley and some oil


The final result will be a kind of risotto with no animal fat,  still creamy thanks to the starch released by the rice and thanks to the softness of the well cooked peas.
You just have to taste and enjoy it