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Savoury pie recipe with rice and peas – the Spring dish

When spring comes I feel like a want something fresh and delicate but at the same time nutrient. This savoury pie recipe achieve this objective, mixing a soft dough stuffed with nutrient ingredients.… Continue reading

Dove cake for Easter: the Italian Colomba Pasquale

The Dove cake is the traditional Easter cake, in Italy during that holiday you CANNOT miss it. It is the symbol of peace and love, and it is common to have it at… Continue reading

Special Easter recipes for you and family from Easy Italian Cuisine

So Easter is coming: time for peace, love, and good food! Easy Italian Cuisine collected the best Easter recipes for a yummy traditional Italian Easter meal Find all our best Easter recipes HERE and enjoy,… Continue reading

Mascarpone cheese cream Italian way

This is a very typical easy Italian cream: mascarpone cheese cream. It is a multi-purpose sweet and easy solution for a special dessert: you can use it as a complementary cream for cakes,… Continue reading

Italian savory muffin recipe with tuna and ricotta

Easter is coming and Easy Italian Cuisine is preparing many recipes to help you enjoy it with your families. This savory muffin recipe is a perfect union between past and present. In the… Continue reading

Arugula pesto: perfect Italian sauce on top of pasta

Arugula Pesto is a fantastic Italian sauce. It is vegetarian, tasty and fresh. You will love it not only on pasta or gnocchi, but also on meat and roasted fish or as a… Continue reading

Stuffed eggs recipe with pesto, parmesan and balsamic vinegar

This simple tasty and delicious stuffed eggs recipe in my interpretation of one of my dad specialties: he was used to prepare the stuffed eggs on Sunday, and decorated to them as funny puppies to… Continue reading

Baked cod with asparagus tied with chives

A big part of the traditional italian cuisine is mixing sea products and ground veggies. Here, my friends, you can see an example of that: baked cod with asparagus. It is really important when… Continue reading

Asparagus risotto with Parmesan: a vegetarian authentic Italian delice

Another Easter recipe from the traditional Italian cuisine. The asparagus are a wonderful veg, and asparagus risotto is a fantastic and tasty dish, in the true Italian cooking tradition. LOOK ALL EASTER RECIPES… Continue reading

Italian pasta recipe with zucchini, onions, eggs and mediterranean scents

I experimented this really Italian pasta recipe last weekend, we spent a very pleasant couple of days with friends on Maggiore Lake in the north of Italy, and of course we cooked together. This Italian dish… Continue reading