Stuffed Eggs with Pesto, Parmesan and a touch of Balsamic Vinegar: the perfect started for a Summer Sunday

This simple tasty and delicious dish in my interpretation of one of my dad specialties: he was used to prepare the stuffed eggs on Sunday, and decorated to them as funny puppies to enjoy me and my brother When we were kids, and then did the same for my two sons.

So anytime I prepare the stuffed eggs, I remember of my father and his capability to engage with kids: he was truly special.

And here my simple recipe:

All you need for each people, is:
1 egg, 1 tablespoon of pesto sauce, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of Parmesan, 1 cherry tomato, few drops of balsamic vinegar, better in cream.
I love to prepare the stuffed eggs with normal basil pesto, but you may also use almonds pesto or Sicilian pesto.

Also in this dish, as always, the success depends also on the quality of the food elements you will use!


First of all the hard boil eggs and keep them cold.
Carefully peel them and cut them in half.


In a cup put the pesto, add the oil and the Parmesan and mix well.


Also add the yolk of the hard-boiled eggs and mix with a fork.


Use the cream you prepared to stuff the whites of the eggs as they were little cups.

Press and model the stuff with a wet tablespoon.


Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and use them to the decorated eggs.


Finally add few drops of balsamic vinegar. let it rest for at least one hour in the fridge, and serves as entrance.

Fantastic! Enjoy your meal, enjoy it!