Turkey Breast in Wild Mustard with Fresh Vegetables

In the summer I like to cook the meat that you can also enjoy warm or cold, with a good green salad.
This recipe using turkey breast (or if you like it pork tenderloin) and mustard is really easy and tasty, tasty and delicate at the same time.

Here what you need:

1 turkey breast (or 1 pork tenderloin), 3 or 4 glasses of whole milk or low-fat or soy milk, 3 tablespoons of wild mustard (the one with the seeds inside), 1 carrot, 1 shallot, 2 or 3 cloves of garlic, and spoons of flour, 4 tablespoons olive oil. I do not add salt because the mustard flavor to everything in a perfect way.


First of all, sliced ​​shallots, carrot and garlic cloves.

Put in a nonstick pot (which has the cover) 4 tablespoons of olive oil and saute the chopped vegetables.

In the meantime roll well the whole meat in the flour.
Let the milk cool.


Then dissolve well in milk the mustard with the help of a fork.


When the vegetables are golden fry the meat by turning it well on all sides.

When the meat is well browned slowly add the milk with the mustard, put the lid on and cook on low heat for at least an hour, turning the meat occasionally.


When the meat is tender to the touch and the sauce is thickened, remove the meat and set aside.


Slice the meat and arrange on a serving plate.


With a mixer, blend well the sauce


then pour over the sliced meat.
The scent is delicious, as well as your meat with mustard.
Serve with fresh salad.