Tomatoes Salad with Tuna: a Summer Classic Yummy Dish

When you are in a hurry a good mixed salad successfully solves. The trick is to mix well after each ingredient!
For my tuna salad and tomatoes I mix order, mix well and every time I add an ingredient:
4 cups cherry tomatoes cut in half
salt to taste – and mix
1 cup canned corn, and stir,
1 generous tablespoon of oregano, and mix
3 or 4 tablespoons of finely chopped capers in vinegar, and mix
Water 1 tablespoon capers, and stir
and finally
1 cup of tuna in oil, drained
And at the end you may add a little extra virgin oil to make it even better.


That’s it: The scent is fantastic, buon appetito, enjoy it!