Italian fish soup with tomato, olives, capers and fresh vegetables : simple tasty healthy

The fish soup is a traditional dish that is found in many versions in all Italian regions bordering the sea.

Originally it was made with the leftovers of the fish remained unsold , so you can use virtually any type of sea fish. The most part of these recipes are complicated , not this one. The recipe I use is simple and all-natural.

What you need is:
1 kg of mixed fish ( here are salmon and cod ), including the molluscs/spineless ( here I’ve used the cuttlefish or sepia) and crustaceans ( boiled shrimp you see here  , 2 cloves of garlic, half an onion, a carrot , celery , 500 grams of tomatoes for sauce , salt, 4 tablespoons oil , 1 glass of dry white wine, plenty of parsley, 2 tablespoons of pitted black olived, one tablespoon of capers,  one tablespoon of oregano,  red chili pepper if you like it and some basil.


And, don’t forget toasted bread slices .

First, chop the vegetables : tomato, onion, garlic , carrot, celery and eventually a bit of red chili pepper.
Put in a nonstick pan the four tablespoon of olive oil and chopped vegetables. Season with salt and sauté over low heat for about ten minutes .


Meanwhile, coarsely chopped fish,  keeping aside the already blanched and peeled shrimps.

After about 10 minutes the vegetables have let out their water : it’s time to add the fish , except the  pre-cooked shrimps. Cook, stirring gently for about ten minutes and then add the chopped parsley, the oregano and a copious glass of white wine.


Now just put the lid on and let it simmer for an hour and a half or two hours , stirring from time to time that the soup does not dry out too much. If needed, add more wine mixed with water.


Towards the end, add the prawns, let them cook for 10 minutes, then add the olives and the capers and let it cook for a couple of minute, so can flavor the soup, but no more otherwise will turn bitter.

At the end of your soup is ready : the fish will crumble, making  consistent and flavorful the soup.


Serve with slices of toasted bread, fresh chopped basil if you like it and enjoy it!