Curled octopus stew with potatoes: the true tasty recipe of moscardini in guazzetto made easy

This super tasty fish dish can be served either as a main course or as an appetizer at a all fish dinner.

And is a One pot One Shot dish!


Here what you need: 1 kg of curled octopus , 1 kg of potatoes , 800 grams of ripe tomatoes ,  salt, half  cup of extra virgin olive oil, half a cup of dry white wine, 1 clove garlic , 3 tablespoons olive black pits, 1 tablespoon capers, fresh parsley.

To make this easy recipe and obtaining tender curled octopus I use the pressure cooker.


Clean up the octopus removing everything in the head and the hard parts that are hairline of the tentacles .
Then coarsely chop the tomatoes with the garlic clove, peeled .

Peel the potatoes and cut in pieces.

Put in a pressure cooker, in order, extra virgin olive, octopus cut into large pieces , the chopped tomato with garlic, chopped potatoes , still a little olive oil and white wine.
Also add a bit ‘ of salt but not too much because in the end you will add the capers and olives in brine that will add  tast to your dish.

At this point, close the pressure cooker, put on the fire and cook for 25-30 minutes lascite from when it begins to whistle .


Turn off the heat and let cool in the pan without opening it.
Meanwhile, chop the parsley and capers together .


After an hour you can open your pot: the octopus will be at the right temperature. this dish is  best lukewarm.

Add the olives and mix , transfer the curled octopus and their dressing in a serving dish and sprinkle all with chopped capers and parsley. enjoy it!