Rice Summer Salad

Spring is coming, summer comes ! Here’s another dish that I cook in the summer, and that has to be eaten cold. In fact for the rice salad there is no recipe , but there are many variations and you can add or remove the dressing ingredients you wish, transforming this recipe according to your taste : this is why I believe that the rice salad is a dish really People like that at all.


I use


2 cups of rice , 1 cup of mixed vegetables in olive oil , 1 small can of peas , 1 small can of corn , 2 vienna sausages , 1/ 2 cup diced ham , 1 can of tuna in olive oil , 1 piece of cheese sweet – I use mozzarella for pizza, but may also use the gruyere or other cheese that is not too strong and not too seasoned –  Salt and extra virgin olive oil to taste.


First of all boil the rice and salted enough .

Then you briefly boil hot dogs.


Cut the ham and the cheese.




Meanwhile, add all the ingredients in a large bowl , and mix well.



Add also a little of lemon juice.

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Peel if needed and cut in little pieces the vienna sausages – And add also them to the rice dressing.

When the rice is cooked al dente – it will take about 15 or 20 minutes to boil , drain and cool with cold water.


Drain well and add the rice to the dressing. Mix well , add a little ‘ oil if necessary and let rest in a cool place , preferably in the fridge for a couple of hours.



Delicious , and perfect for outdoor dining ! Buon appetito, enjoy it!