Tuna and capers mousse: something special, incredible easy

This mousse is a dish I prepare several times, always with success. And can be frozen so can be prepared in larger quantities, if you wish to have it always ready.

This mousse may be offered as entrance and as appetizer.


For the Tuna an capers mousse you will need: 100 grams of Tuna in oil and its oil, 50 grams pf ricotta cheese, 50 grams of quark like cheese, 1 capers in brine tablespoon, 1 teaspoon of the capers brine.


The process is the easiest you may imagine: first of all put in mixer the tuna with its oil and the capers with the teaspoon of brine. Don’t forget to keep apart few capers for decorating the final dish.

Mix well untill you obtaing a creamy soft cream.


Thansfer the cream in a cup and add the quark like cheese and the ricotta cheese.


Now mix well, untill all is well mixed, creamy and soft.

Your Tuna and Capers mousse is ready: put it in the refrigetor for a couple of hours minimum, better overnight.


Then decorate with few capers, and offer it with some bread slices of different kind, and enjoy it!